Wedding Order of Service

Entrance of the Bride to Organ Music* (the congregation stands)

Welcome & Call to Worship (Minister)


Statement (Minister)

Prayer (Minister)

Exchange of Vows (you have a choice: whether to fully memorise the vows, to repeat the vows line by line, or to respond “I do”)

Giving and Receiving of the Rings

Declaration of Marriage (Minister)

Blessing of the Marriage (Minister)

Opportunity for additional music if desired (possibly a singer, organ or quartet)

Bible Reading (read by the Minister or a relative or friend – the Minister can advise on a choice of readings).
Possible readings include: (a) St John 2: 1-11, (b) I Corinthians 13,
(c) Ephesians 3: 14-21 or (d) another of your choice

Short address based on the Bible reading (Minister)

Prayer (Minister)


Benediction (Minister)

Signing of the Marriage Schedule with Organ Music

Exit of the newly-married couple to Organ Music (the congregation stands)

*Items marked in bold are those you can choose as a couple.


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